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Favorite Bookish Reads [#2 October]

Hello lovelies! Welcome to our new feature called "Favorite Bookish Reads" -  something we'll be putting together at the end of every month to highlight our recent favorite reads.

Feel free to join the fun and share your favorite Ocotber read with us! We'd love to hear which book blew you away this month.

Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction
WebsiteJennifer McMahon 

The Winter People on Goodreads
OK, so I know this one isn't coming out until February 11th 2014, but I've had the chance to read it this month and it was just.. mind-blowing! Really scary, dark, atmospheric, and beautifully written.

It's an adult novel, and a completely phenomenal one at that. Gripping and terrifying, but also meaningful and memorable. It's about death and not being able to let go. It's about people who, unable to accept the death of a dear one, will do anything just to see that person one more time. Even if it's wrong and evil. Even if the person that comes back is nothing like the person that we've lost.

This was my first book by Jennifer McMahon, but I can't wait to read more of her works now.

A book not to be missed.
Stop by Bookish on 1/24/14 to read my review!

Young Adult, Paranormal, Zombies
WebsiteGena Showalter 

Through the Zombie Glass on Goodreads
So I am addicted to these books and Cole.  The romance drives me nuts but at the same time I hang on to see how the heck they are going to make it through it all!! I do constantly enjoy Alice and am extremely curious to see where her developments go.

With constant forward movement and character growth, this book is a quick and easy to read!  

To learn more about Through the Zombie Glass, check out my review here: CLICK

Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Ghosts, Paranormal, Romance, Horror

This is that perfect Halloween read! In the Shadow of Blackbirds takes place during both WWI and during the Spanish Influenza. The setting little details, along with the focus on Spiritualism, create a foreboding tone to the novel. It's not just a story about a ghost, but a story of survival in a terrifying time period.

The narration is strong and the characters believable. I was sucked into the novel and I could not put it down.

New Adult, Paranormal, Romance
WebsiteCaitlin Elyse 

Heaven Bound, Hell Hunted on Goodreads
Heaven Bound, Hell Hunted is the best paranormal romance book I've read in a while. I loved the characters, enjoyed learning about the world and the creatures within that world, and never wanted to put the book down throughout the whole time I spent reading it. I seriously never wanted it to end, and now that is HAS ended, I am dying to get my hands on book 2. This book is seriously 100% fan-freaking-tastic! (It also helps that I am crushing all over Storm. Who is Storm, you ask? the book and find out! ;))

Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal
WebsiteSandra Schwab 

Castle of the Wolf on Goodreads
This book was so different from any book I've ever picked up, which is why I think I ended up loving it so much. The imagry of the castle of Wolfenbach and the customs of older days really captivated me. Sandra does such a great job at making you imagine each and every detail. I think I found another genre of books to read in historical romance.

Young Adult, Paranormal, Witches, Science Fiction, Fantasy
WebsiteCarolyn MacCullough 

Once A Witch on Goodreads
This was a tough choice this month because I really liked Ten by Gretchen McNeil as well, but as creepy as Ten was my heart has to go with witches this month! I really enjoyed the concept of being born into a family of witches, yet your powers/talents never come. So, Tamsin is a witch without any powers. It was a great read and I just bought the sequel to it!

What were some of your TOP FAVORITE books this month?! Leave us a comment and share your most memorable reads, we love recommendations! :) 

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