Friday, September 13, 2013

Signed, Sealed Delivered / Book Haul [#46]

Signed, Sealed, Delivered is a meme replacing the In My Mailbox feature I used to participate in. The purpose of it is to show what books we got recently (whether they're physical copies or e-copies, bough, borrowed or gifted). This post will be linked up over @Tynga's Reviews, where Tynga is hosting her awesome Stacking The Shelves, be sure to check it out!
Hi guys! It's been SO LONG since I did this! And by THIS I mean posting a Signed, Sealed, Delivered (or Book Haul), of course :) It's been a crazy couple of months, so many things happened.. I don't even know where to begin!

At the end of May BEA happened :) I've been invited to speak at the BBC this year and it was, well, nerve-wrecking and super stressful, but overall totally awesome!  Met some amazing people, including many fantastic bloggers, librarians and authors! And even though I only got to attend BEA for 2 days 9:00-12:00, I still had lots of fun and came back home with an awesome book haul, tons of blisters and achy arms :)

Some highlights:

Met the fabulous Elizabeth Scott <3

Holly Black :)

Jeff Hirsch

Autographing area A.K.A Zone of Doom, exhibition area and stage.

Other fantastic authors I've met!
And here's my Book Haul - not bad for the few hours spent there, right?!

After BEA, I flew to Poland.. The original plan included having my wisdom teeth removed (ouch!) and recovering at my parents' place in Walbrzych. THAT did not happen, because.. I found out I am pregnant :) So I didn't get my teeth work done, but I still had to stay in bed and be treated like a patient due to pregnancy sickness that was.. man.. it was BAD!

As it turns out - according to my calculations - we got pregnant exactly during our time in NYC. It's a BEA baby! :)

So anyhoo.. here's a pic of me and my parents in Poland :D In case you were wondering...

And below is the rest of the book haul.. Books I got during the time I was in Poland and the ones I got since I came back :) I know, I really need to do these posts more regularly, it's a pain in the ars to put them together later :P

Anyhoo, please forgive not linking each and every single book to GR this time, I honestly don't think it's possible with the amount of books featured in this week's edition :) 

Here's my Signed Sealed Delivered / Book Haul [#46] in pictures:

Books that I got while in Poland - wowza!

Gorgeous signed books that my friend Tiffany got for me! I love this girl!!!! <3

Also a gift from Tiffany from Escaping One Book At A Time :) She rocks!!! :D

This book was AWESOME - if you haven't read it yet, get on it!!!

Awesomeness from Tiffany King :D She rocks my world, too! :D 

Project Cain was soooo bad. T_T Can't wait to read Eternity!

Legend came as a bday gift from the awesomesauce Andrea from Beauty But A Funny Girl (who is also a contributor here at Bookish!). Isn't she super sweet?! <3 Thank you!!
Alright, that is all for now :) What's in your mailbox?! Leave a link, I'll drop by! :)

Now, get your reading glasses on and let's tackle that pile! 

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