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Favorite Bookish Reads [#1 September]

Hello lovelies! Welcome to our new feature called "Favorite Bookish Reads" -  something we'll be putting together at the end of every month to highlight our recent favorite reads.

Feel free to join the fun and share your favorite September read with us! We'd love to hear which book blew you away this month.

Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction
WebsiteVictoria Schwab 

Vicious on Goodreads
Completely extraordinary. Or should I say ExtraOrdinary *wink wink*
Like Stephanie, I was originally going to pick Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea - another one of my favorite reads this month - but in the end VICIOUS blew my mind to pieces so hard, I just had to go with it:)

It's dark. It's twisted. It's sophisticated, atmospheric, intelligent and completely absorbing. The writing style, the plot line, the charismatic characters - everything about this book is phenomenal and I find myself wishing for Victoria Schwab to write more adult books such as this one.

A book not to be missed.
Stop by Bookish on 10/4 to read my review, Victoria Schwab's guest post and enter for a chance to win a finished copy of Vicious

Young Adult, Mystery, Paranormal
WebsiteSophie Littlefield 

Hanging By A Thread on Goodreads
It was just flat out interesting and the writing was wonderful. Though visions are something that are being more and more explored, Littlefield really gave her story something unique. Personally I would love one of Clare's custom pieces to be a part of my wardrobe. Quite simply put it was a joy to read and was easy to get into.

To learn more about Hanging By A Thread, check out my review here: CLICK

Adult, Fantasy, Mythology, Paranormal, Romance
WebsiteSherrilyn Kenyon 

Styxx on Goodreads
I don't know what else I can say about Styxx that I haven't already said in my review. Kenyon does another amazing job of immersing you the worlds she has created for this series. You care so deeply for her characters that nothing else matters.

I didn't have a life when I read this book. I read in every spare moment that I had and thought only of reading it when I wasn't. I love everything about this book and I'm not mad that it put me a week behind schedule. It was totally worth it. And more.

Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Realistic Fiction
WebsiteRainbow Rowell 

Fangirl on Goodreads
I fell in love with this book early on while reading it. The characters were fantastic, the story well-written, and the situations entirely relatable. Plus, we have Levi being completely swoon-worthy in the cutest of ways <3  This is easily one of my favorite contemporary novels! 

I am literally speechless. This book brought up so many emotions inside me that I don't know which was stronger, the tears, the heartache, the shock, the smiles or the undoubtable love I felt all the way through. The main characters of this story were Cameron and Andrew. But... don't think this is your typical love story because it certainly was NOT. It was a story of growing up, of trying new things, of saying what you feel and appreciating every single moment in life because right now is a good moment too and you won't realize it till the moment is over. My review will be posted October 23rd.

Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal
WebsiteVerdell Walker 

The Coven: Fire and Ice on Goodreads
This was a hard choice to make this month for me because I really loved Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, however, I think The Coven takes the cake this month for me. And it helps that I reviewed it for this blog. :]

The Coven was filled with action, romance, growing up, witchcraft, and changing. It's easy to connect with the main character Kat and Blaze is so yummy! I definitely recommend this book! It was an easy read too!

What were some of your TOP FAVORITE books this month?! Leave us a comment and share your most memorable reads, we love recommendations! :) 

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