Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Video Log by Daniel Marks, author of Velveteen + Giveaway

Guys! I am extremely honored and pleased to welcome the amazing Daniel Marks to Bookish today! 

Daniel Marks is the author of the gorgeously creepy, beautifully imagined and sweepingly original dark fantasy/paranormal, Velveteen!
He is one extraordinary author and my love for his work knows no boundaries. And not only when it comes to his writing, but also his online presence in general! I especially LOVE his video logs - they're hilarous, insightful and absolutely fun to watch! Be sure to check them out!

Click here to read my rave review of Velveteen!

Daniel Marks was awesome enough to record a special MEN in YA vlog for us, in which he talks about horror in YA! How cool is that?! VERY cool! Check out this awesomesauce below!!! (warning: hold on to your socks!)

Thank you so much Daniel for this very insightful and interesting vlog! I grew up reading horror stories myself (my aunt brought me a copy of Stephen King's IT when I was about 12), and I've always been a huge fan of anything creepy, disturbing and emotionally affecting (even traumatizing - as weird as it might sound!). And yeah, I can see myself doing the same thing your mom did when you where 10, i.e. teaching my child to embrace both the happy and bright side of life, as well as the darker, more dangerous one (all within reason of course). 

Anyway, this was a fantastic vlog and I can't thank you enough for putting it together for us! THANK YOU!

Daniel Marks is the dark lord of YA Galaxy Defenders! Check out Daniel's MIYA-style photo:

(this is an exclusive MEN in YA2 photo that will be printed on the 2014 MEN in YA Calendar. You can enter to win one of two (1 of 2) copies of the exclusive calendar here, at Bookish, on April 30th). 

Author bio:
Daniel Marks writes young adult horror and fantasy, spends way too much time glued to the internets and collects books obsessively (occasionally reading them). He’s been a psychotherapist for children and adolescents, a Halloween store manager, a cafeteria janitor (gag) and has survived earthquakes, volcanoes and typhoons to get where he is today, which is to say, in his messy office surrounded by half empty coffee cups. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Caroline, and three furry monsters with no regard for quality carpeting.
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