Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Buzzers Week 2: Pretty Covers!

Hello pretty faces! Welcome to the second week of Book Buzzers! 

For those of you not familiar with the concept, Book Buzzers is a vlogging team that is going to rock your pretty faces every day of the week for as long as you'll want us around (and probably even longer than that! HA!).  Every week we'll be talking up a different book-related topic. It might not always be very serious or informative, but it's probably going to be plenty of fun, so be sure to follow us on our Buzzing quest! :)

Who is on the team?! Why, I'm glad you asked, here are our awesome members!

Monday: Jenni @Alluring Reads
Tuesday: Emily from @Doodle's Book Blog
Wednesday: Evie from @Evie Bookish (me!) 
Thursday: Justin from @Justin's Book Blog
Friday: Tiffany from @Escaping One Book At A Time
Saturday: Jessirae from @Words, Pages, And Books
Sunday: Amy from @Book Loving Mom

And here's our channel - please stop by and subscribe!!! <3 We love every single subscriber! <3

Here's my latest Book Buzzer video!

This week's topic: 
5 favourite YA covers! (Justin's pick!)

So I showed you mine, now you show me yours!
Would love to hear from you - please let me know what are your favourite covers?!
What kind of covers do you find yourself drawn to - do you like funky covers with cool designs, or would you rather see a pretty girl in a gorgeous dress on the cover?!

Please let me know in the comments below!!!

Book Buzzers line up for week one (in cased you missed any of the videos):


roro said...


Jessie Marie said...

Yeah, Masque of the Red Death would have made my top five. I read an ARC before it was released and absolutely had to have a final copy for my shelves.

I think I'd struggle seriously with coming up with five, too, even if I focused on just the books I have physically - such a daunting task!

I think you did an excellent job of narrowing it down even though I'm sure you have tons of pretties to showcase!

Amy said...

You are too cute!! I love your Hello Kitty mug BTW. I forgot to say that on the YouTube channel.

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