Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book Haul #38 / In My Mailbox @ Bookish Book Blog (9/15/2012)

Signed, Sealed, Delivered is a new meme that will replace the In My Mailbox feature that I used to participate in every month-or-so. 

The purpose of it is to post about the books we received during the past week (ARC, electronic galleys, books won in giveaways, bought or borrowed from the library - you can list anything you want!)

Hi guys! :)
Here's my third Book Haul / Signed Sealed Delivered video! I didn't get to record a video for the past two weeks, so there is quite a lot of books I'm showing you today, hence the length of the video.

Also, yesterday was NOT my day. Everything that could have gone wrong - went wrong. I recorded the video twice, had problems moving it, had to record it again, finished at night, and then it turned out some parts of the video aren't matching the sound. I AM SORRY ABOUT THAT! I am going to have to figure out another way to record my videos.. xD I can't record it again, so please stick with me and be patient!

Now, onto the books!

As I mentioned in my video, two weeks ago I had an amazing long weekend in company of the lovely and beautiful Lea from LC's Adventures in Libraryland! Here are some pictures! (We went to the 11th Annual Buffalo Wing Festival).

I had an awesome time! Thanks for visiting me Lea!!!! <3

Here are some Instagram pictures of my recent arrivals! :)

That's all for me today. Please leave me a link to you mailbox post, I'd love to stop by and check it out!!!

Ciao lovelies!


Grace Fonseca said...

Lots of awesome books I see that you got this week. I also got Vessel this week. It's so pretty.


Amy said...

OMG you got so many awesome books!! Sounds like you had a great time with Lea! You girls are gorgeous!!

Carina Olsen said...

Awesome mailbox, sweetie :D So jealous about The Archived. Wants it. <3 Cannot wait to read it :) Everything you got seems awesome :D Hope you'll love it all. <3
Love, Carina

Jen (A Reading Daydreamer) said...

EEP YOU ALWAYS GET SUCH AWESOME BOOKS, EVIE. Excuse my excitement. ;) I still am very interested in Elizabeth Miles's books, I really need to read them. The Archived, ah! Everyone's jealous. You and Lea are gorgeous! :D Happy reading. :)

Jen (A Reading Daydreamer) said...

EEP YOU ALWAYS GET SUCH AWESOME BOOKS, EVIE. Excuse my excitement. ;) I still am very interested in Elizabeth Miles's books, I really need to read them. The Archived, ah! Everyone's jealous. You and Lea are gorgeous! :D Happy reading. :)

Kristilyn (Reading In Winter) said...

So many awesome books! I really need to start reading that Jonathan Maberry series ... it looks great! And Unspoken! And Pure! Two more on my wishlist and my to-read list! LOVE IT!

Thanks for sharing, Evie! And the wing festival looks pretty cool ... my hubs would LOVE that!

Melissa said...

Wow -- what a great pile of books you have to dive into! I'm in awe of your ability to read so voraciously. Also, I thoroughly enjoy your video're adorable!

I LOVED, loved, LOVED Pure -- I hope you like it too! I'm sure you will, since you like creepy books, and this one is definitely just the right combination of icky creepiness and dystopian goodness.

Addie R. said...

Eeeeep! So many awesome looking books! Hope you enjoy them all!
And I hope you & Lea had fun! xD

Happy reading ^__^

Addie R. said...

Oops wrong link :D

My Haul

Sallie Mazzur said...

I've heard the Pure paperback version has a sneak peek of Fuse!

Also, The Archived is all over the blogs lately, can't wait to read it!

Thanks for sharing :)

Sana said...

Awesome haul, Evie! I am very excited for 34 Pieces of You, The Archived (eep!) and Incarnation.

Here's my Book Haul post.

Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile

Sandra said...

Ah, Betrayal. I really liked that one, I thought it was a great followup to Envy. Enjoy!

Tiffany Mahaffy said...

I love your Vlogs!! You are so pretty and happy lol You got SO MUCH awesome stuff lately and I can't wait to see the reviews you put up on some of them!!! I may have to steal Unspoken when I come visit (need it lol) :) jj Great stuff Evie <3
My Weekly Report

Amanda @Stuck In YA Books said...

Amazing haul this week! you got tons of books this week!! Some look awesome!

Megan said...

Wow! What an awesome (and giant) bunch of books you received lately!

Molli @ Once Upon a Prologue said...

OH EVIE. You MUST MUST MUST read IF IE LIE soon. It made me feel and cry and's so great. I've also heard amazing things about UNSPOKEN and it's on my TBR for this week.

Once Upon a Book Haul

SweetMarie83 said...

I had the same problem with my video yesterday - I had to record it three times before it finally uploaded, and it was like 1am before I got it posted - ugh! got a ton of great books! I'm SO jealous that you got The Archived. I know Hyperion is super selective, so I'm surprised they gave out ANY ARCs - how exciting for you! I love that you don't read book blurbs - I don't either, but I thought I was the only one lol. It looks like you and Lea had a lot of fun...I was looking at her pics on Facebook the other day - you guys are too cute! I hope you enjoy all your books, Evie! PS, I love your accent. ;-)
My book haul:

roro said...

looks like you had a blast w/ lea

enjoy the haul

Amber Elise said...

Aww you and Lea are so cute! And great books, I love the cover to Flesh and Bone!

Amber Elise @ Du Livre

Jessirae said...

You are soooo adorable and awesome! Love the vlog and the pictures (:

And wow! You got an amazing, epic haul this week! I absolutely LOVED Unspoken!! I really want to read The Archived and Envy! All the other books I haven't really heard of but I really want to check them out! Hope you love them all, Evie!

Have a great week!
Here's My STS

Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed said...

Holy freaking moly! I don't even know where to start!
You got to meet Lea!? That is so awesome! You guys look gorgeous BTW.
Awesome books! I'm reading Incarnation right now and I'm dying to read Rose and Dimitri's story in Foretold.

Shannon (Giraffe Days) said...

Some gorgeous books there, Evie! I have my eye on Incarnation, I saw it posted somewhere else and it sounds great. Some others I don't recognise that I'll have to look into.

I posted my recently accumulated acquisitions here

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