Friday, March 2, 2012

And the Box of Books goes to...

PHEW!!! What a giveaway, eh?! I was shocked when I logged onto Rafflecopter and saw the number of entries! ALMOST 13, 000 !!!! Can you believe that? I can't thank you enough, guys, for all the comments, entries, tweets and book recommendations <3 you all rock my world so bad, I wish I could send you all boxes full of books!

It sucked so bad having to pick one winner out of all the fabulous people who entered, which made me think: next time, there will be three boxes, three books each! I was going to post the new giveaway right away, to celebrate 2000+ followers, BUT -> turns out our lucky winner is from Portugal LOL and my budget will probably be totally destroyed by the shipping costs!

Anyways, here's our lucky duck! CONGRATULATIONS!!! *throws confetti*

The winner has been contacted, I got, like, the cutest *squeee* reply ever -> didn't know guys could SQUUEEE like that! *wink*, the box is ready to be shipped off!
Michael, when you receive it, can you please (PLEASE) take a picture with it and send it to me? :D I'm sure we would all love to see!!!

For everyone else, please note there are a few giveaways running on the blog right now - do consider entering, some of them are low on entrants!
I will be posting a giveaway of STARTERS by Lissa Price tomorrow - stop by and enter!
There are many other awesome giveaways coming up soon, as well as CHICKS IN YA and MEN IN YA II, so be sure to check back regularly!!!

LOTS OF LOVE and see you around~! *blows kisses*


Anubha said...

Congrats to the winner... :)

miki said...

Congrats to the winner. i'm sure he was really really happy ^^ ( who wouldn't be)

thansk you again for your generosity

Marieru said...

Congrats to the winner!! And thank for the giveaway, you're so kind to us :)

Andra said...

Congrats Michael!!! I'm totally jealous of your fabulousness!

LittleRedReads said...

Congrats to Michael!!
I'm excited for Chicks in YA! :D


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