Friday, November 18, 2011

Follow Friday (#12)

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Letter to Santa: Tell Santa what books you want for Christmas!

Here's my top 5:
These are the first five titles that came to my mind. Don't think this is everything, though. If I gave you my full list, you'd probably be reading until Christmas :)

What's on your Xmas wishlist?

Always happy to chat and follow new bloggers, so don't be a stranger and leave me a comment! Looking forward to your pics~!!! <3


Sarah Brown said...

I really want Eon and Eona they both sound really good, new follower, here's mine

Book_Porn said...

I'm working on Daughter of Smoke and Bone right now! It is really good. You will enjoy it.

New around the book blog-o-sphere :)

Evie said...

@Book_Porn - you lucky duck! I want it, too! :) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

@Sarah- thanks for visiting! :) I loved your list!

Novels On The Run said...


I don;t know these Eon and Eona, I should have a lookie into them.

I must see what you thought of The Space Between as OZ version is called SMoulder and I am reading now:D


Asheley (@BookwormAsheley) said...

Daughter of Smoke & Bone is one of my favorite books of this year. It is absolutely incredible. I've been wanting to read Eon and Eona for so long, they're definitely on my TBR for 2012. And I'm on the wait-list for Before I Fall at the library. I think I may be next. These are great titles with great covers.

(I have to admit, I've never read a Stephen King book. Eep! But my husband has spent this year reading them all. He has this new one left to read and then I think he will have read them all.)

I had John Green's The Fault In Our Stars on my wishlist because I'm the hugest, nerdiest John Green fan, but JUST THIS MORNING I woke up to a birthday preorder gift from my husband! I'm so excited!

DJL said...

Ooh, I would love to have both Eon and Eona from Santa, too! :D Ironically, I found Eon at a bookstore, but I had no money to spare for it. ^^; Hopefully Santa will get your wishlist and deliver some great books this year. Have a wonderful weekend!


Kathy said...

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is pretty awesome. I have heard great things about the new Stephen King. I hope you get some of these for Christmas!

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. Daughter of Smoke and Bone was so wonderful. I would love to own a copy of Before I Fall.
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Lindsay Cummings author said...

I follow you here! happy friday! :)

Stop by my blog and follow me back?! :) I'm hosting a cover craze today! :)

Kylie1403 said...

Smoke and Bone sounds AMAZING!

Old FOllower

Kylie @ The Talking Teacup

Chapter by Chapter said...

Great list! There's a couple on there that I wouldn't mind snagging too! Happy #FF, new follower :)
MaryAnn @ Chapter by Chapter

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Nice list. Your first book surprised me though :)

Moonlight Gleam said...

Old Follower!

I really hope Santa grants you your wish!

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Sonny said...

Hello Evie! Hopping through. I would love to see Daughter of Smoke and Bone on my shelf as well. The Eon books have such gorgeous covers. They always catch my eye. I hope you get every book you want for Christmas!!
Here is my FF:
Have a fantastic weekend!
Psst! I have a couple of giveaways running right now. Don't forget to enter :D

Sharon @ Obsession with Books said...

A great set of books Evie!

I loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone & hope to read Before I Fall sometime soon - I haven't seen the Eon books before now.

I hope Santa is kind to you ;)

Sharon @ Obsession with Books

Melliane said...

I've heard great things about he eon series. I hope you'll have them all

I'm a follower

here is mine

LaCherenda said...

Hi! I'm a new follower. Your blog looks great!

Make sure to follow me back and check out my awesome giveaway :)

Melissa said...

I'm halfway through Daughter of Smoke & Bone and LOVING it so far. She's an awesome writer. And you must MUST read Before I Fall as soon as possible. Lauren Oliver is such a beautiful writer!

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