Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Night Walk Men - Jason McIntyre (7/50)

Genre:                     Short story
Year:                       2010
Pages:                     104 (Kobo reader pages)
Preceded by:           not sure

Description (Goodreads):
The Prologue to The Night Walk Men Novel series!

A little girl named Gabriela is playing with her brother on a train platform and two mysterious strangers will decide her fate over a cup of tea. Is there such a thing as destiny? And, what is the value of doing your job, even if you don’t think it’s right?

"You want to talk about the weather first? "

"More people die when it's raining. Did you know that?"

My thoughts:

        You ought to know that I am a slow reader, especially when it comes to reading on the computer. I'm a traditionalist and I do prefer to read printed copies of books. Ebooks or other kinds of electronic versions were never my favorites.
So I wasn't very fond of the idea of reading on my ever over heated laptop, but once I started reading this short story, I got sucked into it's eerie, captivating world. The world created by Jason McIntyre opened its arms and swallowed me. There was no escaping it anymore. All I could do was put my seat belt on and hold tight, I was about to be taken on a short, but very emotional and intensive ride!
       Jason McIntyre is a new and wonderfully bright star on the sky of writers. Trust in him, he will tell you stories and he will tell them good. Sometimes he will whisper secrets in your ear, giving you goosebumps. Sometimes he will scream them in your face, making you flinch from every stinging word. You won't be a passive reader in this case, you will be emotionally engaged. This writer will make you THINK, even long after reading the last word of his story.
       Night Walk Men is one brilliant short story. Writing style makes you forget you're actually reading it. It feels more as if you're magically transported into a different, creepy world, and a tall, dark figure hiding in your own shadow is whispering secrets in your ear.
I loved the narration, it made me feel as if the story was written just for me. Like it was meant for my ears only. 
       And the story! I hate to make comparisons to other authors, but it definitely felt like reading Neil Gaiman with occasional creepiness of Stephen King :)
Bottom line is, YOU HAVE TO READ IT!

Another great news is : You can get it on Kobo for free~!

My rating: 

About the author:
        Born on the prairies, Jason McIntyre eventually lived and worked on Vancouver Island where the vibrant characters and vivid surroundings stayed with him and coalesced into what would become his novel, On The Gathering Storm. Before his time as an editor, writer and communications professional, he spent several years as a graphic designer and commercial artist. Jason is the author of more than two dozen short stories, several novellas and full-length fiction.

Currently, Jason is hard at work on a follow-up novel series about The Night Walk Men and a coming-of-age tale called THALO BLUE which will be told in a trilogy of books.


Janinay said...

Great narration? I love books where you feel like you're transported to the setting itself. :D

Krystal said...

I like feeling like I'm in the book. This really appeals to me. Thank you :)

aurora M. said...

I still don't know whether this is something I would read or not....I am on the fence on this one. Thanks for the review.

Sarika said...

Great review... :)

Munnaza said...

This book doesn't sound like anything I'd pick up to read myself, but the quotes are hilarious, and the story really does sound brilliant. I'll definitely have to check this out! Thanks for the review.

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